Monday 3 December 2012

Happy Birthday Barjanb..............

What a great weekend long celebration for our first birthday, it started last thursday with a make and take day then went on to a demo morning and afternoon workshop with the brilliant Andy Skinner, the pictures are from the morning session, everyone mesmerised by Andy's various techniques.
Saturday was to have been an all day workshop with Clare Rowlands of Molly Bloom fame but infortunately she was ill so Barry and Julia put together a half day workshop ,still on the molly bloom theme, and everyone was happy.
Finally sunday and a full workshop for John Glossop and the ' Post Industrial Clock' i'm not even going to attempt to describe it  but I do know there are some photo's somewhere around so hopefully will post pics later.
In between all of the above we had a craft fair in the Baptist church hall, the switching on of the village christmas tree lights and a cheese and wine party in our 'workshop' with a beautiful celebration cake that was cut by Robert Adams of Create and Craft fame and Monica Winfield from Radio Leicester who had both 'opened' the shop one year ago.
So that's it a busy busy celebration weekend that was enjoyed by all.
 Bye for now.... Maureen

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  1. I am exhausted for you all!! So wish I could have been there with you. Congratulations Barry xxx